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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Health Market Finding In Los Angeles & San Diego

Taken from California Healthline, Hospitals, Monday, January 28, 2013.
New Reports Highlight Emerging Health Market Trends in L.A., San Diego
Two new studies highlight the differences between the Los Angeles and San Diego health care markets, Modern Physician reports.
The studies were conducted by the Center for Studying Health System Change and funded by the California HealthCare Foundation, which publishes California Healthline. CHCF previously funded similar market studies on San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento and Riverside/San Bernardino.
The Los Angeles and San Diego market studies were based on interviews with health care leaders in the regions in March and April of last year.
Findings About the Los Angeles Market
The Los Angeles report found that mid-sized physician groups increasingly are affiliating with or joining large independent practice groups, which have more market clout to negotiate with health insurers (Robeznieks, Modern Physician, 1/25).The report noted that the increased affiliations are helping physician organizations attract patients, compete with Kaiser Permanente and prepare for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
The report on the Los Angeles market also found that:
  • Physician organizations are leading efforts to develop accountable care organizations;
  • Health care providers serving beneficiaries of Medi-Cal — California’s Medicaid program — are showing interest in participating in ACOs, unlike providers in other areas; and
  • New county leadership is redesigning the county-run health care delivery system and increasing collaboration between public and private safety-net providers (HSC release, 1/23).
Findings About the San Diego Market
Meanwhile, the San Diego report found that the region is dominated by Sharp HealthCare, Scripps Health, Kaiser Permanente, UC-San Diego Health System and Palomar Health (Modern Physician, 1/25).
According to the report, San Diego health care providers fared well during the economic downturn.
The report also found that:
  • Physician practices are seeking to expand lucrative services — such as cardiovascular care and children’s services — offered in well-insured areas;
  • Hospital construction has increased substantially to meet state seismic building requirements;
  • Many safety-net providers have expanded their capacity;
  • There has been an increase in limited-network insurance policies being offered; and
  • County government is playing a more active role in health care, approving a 10-year strategic plan that aims to improve care for low-income residents (HSC release, 1/23).